June 29
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holyflyingvelociraptors said: Whenever I am having a sad day, you always post cute things that make me smile. Thank you <3

you’re welcome <3

March 8
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keepmywhiskeyneat said: The kids are "shipping" us. OTP or some nonsense.

yeah, i got an anon saying something about us and OTP a few days ago.

unfortunately google is saying OTP isn’t the same O.T.P. i remember from childhood, so im a little disappointed. :\

March 2
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Anonymous said: I just wanted to say, I love your tumblr. I've been following it for a long time, even though I don't have a tumblr now I still go to it. The days you don't update it upset me. Sincerely, the creepy guy.

you should come back to tumblr so we can be tumblr besties. it’ll be fun.

sincerely, the creepy girl

February 6
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Anonymous said: Helen, where have you been? I missed your posts. I'm glad you're back :)

haven’t been in much of a tumblr mood lately.

thank you <3

January 21
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Anonymous said: What does 414 and 903 mean?

414 was a tag shared with a friend and 903 is my personal tag

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Anonymous said: is that porn gif you just reblogged set in a hospital by any chance? dude looks like he wearin a gown just saying...


james deen and the adorable stoya. 


January 13
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perfectlydreadful said: Just an FYI, the woman being gored by the bull in that gif is Vicki Moore. She was an animal rights activist who was there protesting and trying to keep people from harming the bulls. She got caught after someone threw a lit firecracker at the bull. She lived, but barely. People are saying some terrible things when really it was a kind person being hurt while trying to help.

publishing so we can all say we’ve learned something today.

thanks, perfectlydreadful

January 11
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Anonymous said: I miss having raunchy phone sex with you.

yeah, i’d probably miss that too. <3

December 28
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mirima said: Do you use your tumblr as a way to indulge in your fantasies? Because, everything you post is extremely hot... it's certainly indulging in my fantasies.

not really, i use my bf for that. i was lucky enough to find an extremely open minded and kinky man. <3

December 22
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Anonymous said: Where did you buy a fawn? I want one!

its rented. i spent a while searching for a petting zoo in texas that had deer, but came up empty. i finally ran across a traveling zoo that will just bring him to us for a few hours.

December 17
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keepmywhiskeyneat said: I love/hate you for getting me on tumblr. You have created a monster. The tears of all those broken hearted 14 year old girls are on your hands

lets not rest until we have actual bloody hearts of 14 year old girls in my hands.


December 9
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Anonymous said: I love your blog. Lately though a message pops up with every page about updating your blocking script, this message is for users that hid the code. So... ?????

It only showed for me in IE and firefox, but maybe it’s fixed now. Im sure it was annoying, sorry. Let me know if it happens anymore.

October 29
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Anonymous said: Why don't you post as much gory porn anymore?

tumblr got a flood of sensitive pussies making accounts and after a while i was getting reported for everything. i just dont bother anymore. I haven’t been into tumblr a lot lately, so now that i dont care if im suspended i might go back to my blogging whatever the fuck i want.

i need some decent gory porn blogs to follow if you know of any.

gore - porn = hello-kitty-menendez

October 3
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myanonymouslair said: I cleaned the cat pan today and thought of you. I poured the fresh litter in and thought "Hmmmm... this is what Helen smells like."

:(  im going shopping tonight.

September 8
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Anonymous said: I'm having such a tumblr crisis! i really want to reblog that awesome clusterfuck of a glitter-twerk pic...but I know that some of my followers are young teens. And, in my country, disseminating pornography to teenagers is a gaolable offense (not to mention being a pretty fucking skeezy act) ...how do you get past the morality issues? :(

you’re asking me about morality issues?

thats cute. <3