February 16
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what a fucking waste of air. i hope this episode fucked his life up and i hope his wife wised up and left him. i think its safe to assume he had to take a break from beating her long enough to take care of the cat.

February 12
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Jesus Is My Nigga

A pastor tries to appeal to the youth in his community by making a Jesus-themed gangsta rap video.

This is why the Pope retired. This right here.

February 4
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willy moon makes me feel really awkward, but at the same time makes my girl parts tingle.

im so confused.

i like it.

January 20
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Official video for The Mountain Goats’ “Cry for Judas”

You don’t have to thank me. <3

January 12
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"dat motherfucker is a demon"

HAHAHHAHA i love you, ms marsha

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Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

January 5
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seagulls on laxatives

October 9
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Rasputina - Sweet Water Kill

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June 18
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wow. flashback to being 17. <3

June 10
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jesus fuck he is a perfect human.

i can hear the same songs 9248756 times and still get goose bumps on the 9248757th play.

May 6
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amanda palmer - astronaut

May 2
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This is a story of me aged sixteen. It was recorded a few years ago in New York for The Moth - true stories about things that happened to people…

May 1
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Fiona Apple “Why Try To Change Me Now”